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Here are some of the popular questions I get, answered.

Can we have a consultation before we begin working together?

When I take on my clients, I want to see a long-term relationship form, where I become a part of your business goals. Therefore, it is crucial we have an initial free discovery call for 30-60 minutes to get to know one another.

If there is work to be done in my office, how will this work?

Due to the nature of my work being completely online, and the capacity in which I work with various clients at once, please note that I do not perform work in-office, as I have a strict schedule I adhere to with all my clients.

Do i need to train you?

To ensure that I know exactly what your business needs are, how you prefer tasks to be actioned and to enjoy a positive, fruitful and successful working relationship, this will be crucial.

Do you offer long-term support?

Please note that I usually encourage long-term relationships with my clients. Of course, in the beginning, we will ascertain how things are going, but my ultimate goal is to become long-term partners.

Do you work on holidays and how does that work?

I do not work on any of the South African holidays. Should I be taking holiday, I will always let you know way in advance and make a note in your calendar, so that we can work around it.

How do I choose which package is best for me?

This completely depends on how much work you would like me to take on for you, bearing in mind I can manage your entire admin function. The choice to start on a lower package and upgrade is there for you.

Why should I hire you as my virtual assistant?

I pride myself in the values and ethics of my services I provide to my clients. I don't just perform tasks; I genuinely care about the well-being of your business. Consider me your new business partner.

Are you a trained VA?

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in HR Management from UNISA, I have also undergone an intensive 3-month coaching program prior to starting my own business, with an International VA Coach.

How does the pricing work

Please note that I do not work per hour, rather I offer 5 different packages for clients to determine, based on how much assistance you need and budget. You are also able to upgrade or downgrade packages.

What happens if I have tasks that are outside of your offering?

Please note that I am open to any tasks that I am able to do that are additional to what services are initially discussed, however, please note that these need to be confirmed and discussed.

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