Human Resources

Why HR Is So Important In Your Small Business

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” 
-Doug Conant

It is a well-known fact – running a business on your own is not only counter-productive, but extremely stressful, unhealthy and overwhelming. Even if you have a small business, managing everything yourself will surely lead to something going wrong somewhere.

In most start-ups or small businesses, the wisest thing you could possibly do is to look into expanding your team to help you grow your business, by outsourcing areas that you cannot attend to by contractors. Whether you need a Virtual Assistant to manage your entire administrative function, a social media manager to oversee and post content on your social media platforms to grow your business, a specialist in your industry to do sales or collect leads.

Dangers of Not Managing Freelancers or Contractors Correctly

First and foremost let’s deal with the negative side of not knowing correct procedures when it comes to hiring freelancers or contractors. You are sharing some of the most intricate secrets and details with this person. If you do not have: a) a contract or b) the correct type of contract with them, you could be in some serious trouble down the line.

What Kind of Complications Can Arise from Utilising a Contractor?

Firstly, if there is no contract in place, things are bound to go downhill should there be a breach in the relationship. They could take off with important and confidential client information, they could steal trade secrets and ideas, steal your database of hard-earned client information. As you can see, the risks are high, however, you can make sure you are well-prepared. But how do you do this? 

  1. By having a detailed and well-laid out contract that covers all the bases;
  2. By having a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the contractor;
  3. Have a safe and rigorous screening, interviewing procedure in place prior to taking on contractors into your business.

Why You Shouldn’t Go The Process Alone

The opportunity to use standard free “process” templates online to use for this process is always there and available … but there is a slight problem with this. And that is, it’s not catered for your business and your needs specifically. What if something is left out that you needed in order to protect you in your industry? That could prove fatal for your business. 

How to Safeguard Yourself and Make Sure You Are 100% Protected

One of the most important hires you can make for your small business is usually a Virtual Assistant, who can take on absolutely everything that you should not be spending your time on in your business. A Virtual Assistant usually has an even more extensive skillset to offer, such as social media management, financial skills, events organisation, only to name a few. But when you need to outsource a specific industry-specific skill to a consultant for example, this process needs to be managed exceptionally carefully from the initial recruitment phase. Did you know that your HR functions can be outsourced to companies that offer this as a virtual service? Here’s what they can help you with:

  • Screening of CV’s
  • Setting up of Interviews
  • Setting up of Reference Check Calls
  • Setting up of onboarding packs
  • Setting up of training
  • Setting up of contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Payment structures and negotiations
  • So much more

It is evidently safer and so much easier to utilise the services of an expert in this field, when it comes to hiring your contractors or freelancers. Should you need any advice or help in this area, please feel free to book a call with me here. I am a Virtual Assistant who specialises in HR, HR Administration and Recruitment assistance and am ready to chat with you about your business needs.