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5 Tips on How to Avoid Covid-19 Work Lags

COVID-19 … This word has been on our minds, on our lips and hearts for the past few months of 2020. Not only has there been tragic news and terrible job losses in our country and all over the world, there have also been huge economic implications for businesses. I think it is safe to say that the term “business as usual” does not apply to any of us at the moment, but on a more positive note, there is massive opportunity to pivot during this time. But what do I mean by pivot? Let’s find out.

1) Pivoting The Way Your Business Is Run

Let’s look at the definition of the term “Pivot” according to the Cambridge Dictionary: “to change your opinions, statements, decisions, etc. so that they are different to what they were before.” This is precisely what needs to happen to your business in this time. You see before, we were all plodding along with life, completely unprepared for a pandemic to hit our world, which probably means that 99% of us were not prepared or equipped for what was to come in terms of financial, economic and job loss implications. You may have had to let some of your staff go or the bulk of your workforce, leaving you completely on your own, navigating the workload you had before, with no help. But all is not lost …

2) Outsource To The Rescue

In a time where remote working and Virtual Assistance was slowly gaining momentum in South Africa, we were forced to take businesses online when the lockdown began in March 2020. The result of this change of working, was that people and business owners discovered the true beauty in this way of working. I know of companies that gave up their offices as an expense and have made a decision to work from home permanently. Sadly, many business owners had to retrench certain roles that were more of a “luxury”, than a necessity.  More so, business owners have discovered that outsourcing to contractors and freelancers to save on employee costs, such as: employee benefits, leave benefits, office equipment costs, maternity costs, stationery, the list goes on, has been crucial to the business survival.

3) How a Virtual Assistant can Help Pivot Your Business

A Virtual Assistant basically comes in and transforms your entire business, not to mention gifting you with much-needed additional time back to live a healthy and well-balanced personal life. A Virtual Assistant can organise your entire business, put processes in place and help “pandemic-proof” your business and assist you to prepare it for the future. A Virtual Assistant can also keep in touch with your clients, and maintain a solid relationship with them, ensuring that you have much-needed recurring income and client-base for your business.

4) Save Loads of Money

This may not be a well-known fact, but hiring a Virtual Assistant works out very much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time Personal Assistant. The average salary to hire a Personal Assistant in Johannesburg is roughly between R30-R40k per month, dependent on the industry and size of company. That amount of money is a massive responsibility to take on should you not have the budget for it, especially right now, during such trying times. A Virtual Assistant normally charges by retainer, offering out a number of packages for you to choose from. For example: 10, 20, 60, 80 hours per month for example, this way you can get your admin done and pay for only the work you require to be done and nothing more. What an advantage!

5) Grow Your Business by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

In this time of complete uncertainty, it is time to focus on the most crucial aspects of your business and these do not include administrative tasks, managing of your social media accounts and other tasks that would draw your attention away from strategizing on growth measures for your business and a Virtual Assistant can help you to do exactly this!

If you are ready to pivot your business with help, I am here to assist you. I serve various small businesses with their admin needs, HR needs, as well as social media and events services. Take a look at my services page to find out more.

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